Cayman Connection UK is a network for groups and individuals associated with the Cayman Islands who now live, work or study in the UK.

CIGO-CCUK Crisis Management Plan

CIGO-CCUK Crisis Management Plan

CCUK are working with the Cayman Islands Government and disaster management entities to develop a bespoke crisis management plan for our Cayman Diaspora in the UK.

In this day and age with increasing attacks and natural disasters we what to ensure that we are well equipped to help our fellow Caymanians and Friends in a time of need. It is also critical that we have good lines of communication with family and friends at home as well as Government departments, and the Cayman and UK Media.

It is vital that we have information for anyone living in the UK that wishes to be a part of this programme, so that we can communicate with you and your family during a crisis.

As this programme develops we will be sharing how you can get involved and how you can help us to help you during a difficult time or community or national disaster or crisis.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the early stages please email us at and stay tuned for more information!

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